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Holistic Counseling that allows you to

Move ahead
without burden.

Consulting Hypnosis,
Certified Life Coaching &
Holistic Psychology in
New Haven County



Stress gets in the way
of living the life you want

Stress has large affects on your health and your ability to experience yourself, your loved ones, and the world around you as a place that can be nurturing, encouraging and fulfilled.

No matter its trigger, stress can manifest itself in a variety of ways - through PTSD, uncontrollable or unconscious habits, insomnia, weight gain, smoking, or more.


You may feel helpless, beaten-down, immobile, unable to self-regulate or feel alone. Without a committed partner on your side it may be hard to see a way around.

You shouldn’t have to live with burden.
And especially not alone.

Hypnosis, psychology and coaching to alleviate blocks to a successful and meaningful life

Change habits. Gain motivation, confidence & a vision forward

Burden can show up in many conditions. 
If you are ready for change in the following ways, our work together is right for you.

• You want to drop habits that have limited or controlled your daily life
• You’d like to grow in or change your personal relationships
• You’re fed up with stress in your working or personal life
• You are willing to release issues that keep you up at night.
• There’s something holding you back, but you don’t quite know what it is.

If you are experiencing any of the patterns, habits or conditions here, also reach out for a consultation.

• PTSD & Trauma
• Sexual Dysfunction 
• Unwanted Weight Gain
• Excessive Smoking
• Stress & Anxiety
• Insomnia
• Fears or Phobias
• Loss & Grief
• Low Self-Esteem



Throughout my life as 

a veteran, pastor and former counselor with the DOJ’s prison systems, I have experienced and seen an uncountable amount of people who suffer on all different levels. Many of which mirrored my own at points in my life.

Your support

Stephan Bacchiocchi, Ph.D

About Stephan

Move Ahead.

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Moving beyond.
Tools and techniques for growth.

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Counseling, holistic psychology, life coaching and consulting hypnosis in New Haven County.


Waterbury, Connecticut